Market News Alert

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Market News Alert

My favorite spammer. Active from April 2001 to Sept 2003. Ceased activities around Feb 2004.

He finally got the SEC to sue him: June 9, 2005 SEC vs. Richard Glen Spradling

Spradling lost: Richard Glen Spradling Lit. Rel. No. 19505 - December 21, 2005

Richard Glen Spradling 3007 Fairway Drive Sugar Land, TX 77478

He's 46 years old. He's one of the original penny stock promoters.


  • RS Market Alerts, Inc.
  • Market News Alert
  • Fairview Consulting
  • Omni Traders

Fax Titles:

  • Market News Alert
  • Breaking Market News
  • National Investors News Update (March 2003)
  • National Investors Alert
  • OTC Stock Watch
  • The Stock Alert



Stocks Promoted

  • ICOA in May 2002 (their CEO paid for it)
  • THCR in May 2002 (compensated by the company)
  • FXGP in Nov 2002 (paid for by a third party)
  • EGFG in Oct 18 to Nov 28 2001
  • Promoted about 44 stocks from April 2001 to Sept 2003

See for the FCC citation against them.

I received 8 faxes from them in just two days (August 15 and September 1). These guys are a very small shop that send out incredible numbers of faxes and Internet postings. I've been getting them for at least a year.

The SEC should put them in jail for penny stock manipulation. Remarkably, there isn't an FCC citation against them, a credit to the extremely low profile that they have (there is no "response number" on their faxes because your response is to buy the stock they are trying to hype). However, the real reason is the disclaimer. By putting on that disclaimer, they basically are untouchable by the SEC.

If you have been duped by MNA and purchased the stock they recommended and lost money and you live in California, contact us. The California Attorney General can take action if someone has been harmed in California.

However, what they are doing is fraudulent because their disclaimer isn't true and it's interstate too.

Richard Spradling dba Market News Alert aka Wall Street News Alert
6355 Westheimer, Suite 163
Houston, TX 77057
Voice numbers 281-938-0380 isn't in service anymore; neither is 713 266 0419. 713-933-0380 is a fax number that still works.
877-453-9369 is the removal number published on the fax.
See Other Addresses Below:

Don't bother to try to remove your number, people have tried and it doesn't work as this link shows: Unable to stop unwanted faxes. Note that this is the same removal number as "The Stock Watch" and "Wall Street News Alert". I'm going to find out who owns the number. So it appears that Spradling isn't sending out his own faxes but using a broadcaster.

We will have trouble serving Spradling and Market News Alert, many have tried, all have failed. He keeps moving around leaving behind ex-girlfriends or family.

Spradling's Attorney for Some Matters is:

Gary E Patterson
712 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 223 3095

Spradling's Attorney for Junk Faxes:

Andre' L. Ligon, Esq.
Ligon & Associates
2600 South Loop West Suite 420
Houston TX 77054
713-662-2500, Facsimile: 713-662-2244

I called Andre and he said to send him the faxes so he can verify they are legitimate and then we would talk.


DOB: 2 Nov 1966

SSN 461-11-XXXX issued in Texas between 1971 and 1972

Addresses Associated with Subject

3007 FAIRWAY DR, SUGAR LAND, TX 77478 Defendant renewed his most recent auto registration here August 2001. I spoke to the mother of his children who lives at this address. She stated that she hears from him every once in awhile.

6355 WESTHEIMER RD # 163, HOUSTON, TX 77057 Pack & Mail Center. They signed for the certified demand letter. On 12/142001 I spoke with Kenny Fisher, who stated that Spradling continues to receive mail at this address.

2650 FOUNTAIN VIEW DR, HOUSTON, TX 77057 Defendant used to have an address at this address before getting evicted.

6328 DEERWOOD RD., HOUSTON, TX 77057 This address was given by Spradling on his assumed name certificate as the location of his business. Process server Raul Diaz attempted service here. Per Diaz, Defendant no longer lives here.

7600 Highmeadow 97, Houston TX 77063 Renewed his Texas driver license 12483985 here Aug. 97. I spoke with the apartment manager. She stated that he was longer on the lease.

However, Paetec owns the removal number (see next). He's was using Xpedite, a business unit of of Ptek Holdings, a publicly traded company.

Here's a message from Richard Zelma:

Had a (legal) argument with Michelle Cohen of Post Hastings, a DC firm defending my proposed litigation against Xpedite.
In her proffer, she refers to the all too familiar language in the Order on Further Reconsideration FCC 97-117 April 10, 1997. Specifically paragraph 6.
My argument was that Xpedite on June 7, sent me 3 Market News Alert faxes while I'm in litigation with them.
The former broadcaster for MNA has severed business relations with them. So MNA turned to Xpedite.
She is saying that MNA was responsible to place banner info and secondly, that was a choice that was up to them since the law does not require both sender and composer information. If the composer or sender both chose to supply info, they must differentiate who is who. Unfortunately that's how Para 6 reads.
I asked her if she would allow the client to provide me with all contractual info between Xpedite and MNA and she was reluctant to do so.
I gave her a choice, either provide the info or be named as another defendant where you could be compelled to provide that.
She promised to get back with me next week.

May 21, 2002: I faxed Andre 23 faxes I received from Market News Alert.

Like Thomas Loyd of Investors' Alert, Spradling's success is due to his liason with a stock promoter, or "public relations specialist" who receives a large block of stock either by way of purchase or, more likely, as a fee from a larger player of the stock, sometimes its CEO or another officer. (but sometimes the target company may be unaware of the manipulation) The PR man gives some of his block to Spradling, who pumps the perceived value via fax, the goal being to pump and dump in near-unison. Spradling owes his success to the same promoter who got Loyd started, and came on board during a spat between Lloyd and the promoter.