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Junk faxes I've received

fax.com (from their various clients)
Tower Group/Bagoba Credit: 4 recent faxes to repair my credit (see facts for details)
Misc: 22 faxes sent to me from fax.com (from 11 clients) from Aug - Dec 2001
Y2Marketing: 3 faxes sent within 1 hour to me on 1/6/02

21st Century (the 900 yes/no poll question)
21stCentury: 3 faxes

Market News Alert
MarketNewsAlert: 8 faxes

Miscellaneous faxes
Wall Street Watch (10/23/01)
Copiers Direct (no header at all; sent in Q4 2001)
Quality Reprographics (8/30/01)
Central Imaging (1/7/02)

See About the principal offenders for information on these companies.

These are just the faxes sent to me. See Junk Fax Library for other junk faxes. See Propel faxes for faxes received at my work.