Basic information
A short introduction to junk faxes

Junk fax Q&A 
Start here. Everything you've wanted to know about junk faxes including how to stop them!

Attorney information
A list of attorneys you can hire. Also, reference material for attorneys.

Legal tips and Collection tips
These two pages have helpful tips to help you bring actions and collect in difficult situations

Other junk fax websites
A list of other junk fax websites

Spam filter comparison
We asked our 25,000 readers which e-mail anti-spam filters work the best.

Investigation tools
Tools  for looking up phone numbers, web sites, and more.


Junk faxer profiles
Profiles some of the famous junk faxers including My Hot Leads Travelcomm, and Protus IP Solutions. How to find out who is sending you junk faxes.
The best phish email we've seen in a long time. Here's how to avoid been scammed

News items
News stories and press releases about junk faxes including the recent injunction against

Junkfax stories
Real stories of real people

Here are some cases and judgments you might find useful if you decide to sue

Stock fraud faxes
People involved in the promotion of penny stocks such as TWTN, CNDD, SGNJ, AHFI, BDYS, BHLL

US Record Search
Beware! You can get scammed even by people who claim to help you collect your judgment

OAN Services
Take a close look at your phone bill. You may be being charged every month for a service you never ordered.


Help stop Robocalls

Victim of an audio Robocall? Here's how to get even.

How to get it to stop
There are only two phone numbers you need call to be permanently removed from most lists.

Who sent this fax?
How to identify who sent you the fax

Report a "pump and dump" stock tout junk fax or e-mail

Help with collecting
Got a judgment? Need help collecting? Register it here.

Investigating violations
If you are a legitimate common carrier or fax broadcaster and have notice of a violation, here's what to do.

Contact us for questions or to volunteer to help


Two of the "greatest irritants in modern life," said former Georgia Gov. Roy E. Barnes, "are the unwanted telephone call at dinner and the junk fax."

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