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Two of the "greatest irritants in modern life," said former Georgia Gov. Roy E. Barnes, "are the unwanted telephone call at dinner and the junk fax."

Background Information[edit]

Real Stories[edit]

  • Junk Faxer Profiles - Profiles some of the famous junk faxers including My Hot Leads, Travelcomm, and Protus IP Solutions. How to find out who is sending you junk faxes.
  • - The best phish email we've seen in a long time. Here's how to avoid been scammed
  • News Items - News stories and press releases about junk faxes including the recent injunction against
  • Junkfax stories - Real stories of real people
  • Cases - Here are some cases and judgments you might find useful if you decide to sue
  • Stock fraud faxes - People involved in the promotion of penny stocks such as TWTN, CNDD, SGNJ, AHFI, BDYS, BHLL
  • US Record Search - Beware! You can get scammed even by people who claim to help you collect your judgment
  • OAN Services - Take a close look at your phone bill. You may be being charged every month for a service you never ordered.

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