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Attorneys you can hire with experience with junk fax cases.

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FCC Information[edit]

Check out the official FCC page on the issue: Unwanted Faxes What You Can Do

FCC Citations[edit]

FCC citations that have been issued (very useful for identifying your favorite junk faxers)

Current Cases[edit]

Junk fax case status shows who's doing what to whom Reference Information[edit] profile clients Website excerpts sales pitch (audio recording)

KGO junk fax story where CEO Kevin Katz admits sending unsolicited faxes (part I and part II) which aired Jan 31, 2002. (Windows Media Player required).
[ Transcript.]
Covington case against (Gerard Waldron was the lawyer who wrote the TCPA)
Missouri v. Plaintiff's response to's Motion to Dismiss ordered to preserve records (Maryland injunction) ordered to preserve records (South Carolina injunction)

State of Washington Settlement

Response to FCC citation

Discovery suggestions

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