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Note: Junk fax profiles often originate from readers of junkfax.org. The information on these companies is presumed to be factual and correct but has not been verified in detail. If you notice incorrect information related to any of the companies described below, please contact: junkfax.org.

From our Readers[edit]

Junk Fax Reports From our Readers
Chronological list of sightings from readers

Fax broadcasters[edit]

How to identify the fax broadcaster
Simple ways to identify the fax broadcaster who actually transmitted the fax. This is the first thing you should try.

Stock touts
China Voice Holding Corporation (CHVC) and Ronn Motor Company (RNNM) have been promoted with junk faxes and both companies use the same IR company. Is there a connection?

Faxts NOW Inc.
Located in Los Angeles. 800-514-0804 belongs to them.

On Demand Marketing, LLC
Started by former fax.com people. Send a lot of pump and dumps.

Instant Response Marketing, Inc.
Fax.com's former star salesman, Frank Frappier, works at this broadcaster who sends out junk for Equal Access Health among others.

My Hot Leads
This is the new company name for the people who ran ABF.

DigitalSpeed Communications: Junk faxes
This page discusses the various companies owned by Adam Pasternack that have been linked (by the FCC and others) to the sending of junk faxes

Concord Technologies
They are also pretty big. Headers look a bit like fax.com headers.

American Blast Fax aka Cammas Group LTD
Junk faxers never go away. They just change their names and start all over again. ABF is a famous junk faxer in Texas that is now using different names.

Xpedite Systems Inc.
Another significant fax broadcaster.

E-direct fax broadcaster
They specialize in stock "pump and dump" promotions

Lead generators[edit]

These firms use junk faxes to generate leads on behalf of their clients. Both the clients and the firm itself are typically liable for TCPA violations.

InterCoast Marketing aka Allinoneleads.com
Located in Aliso Viejo (where fax.com was). Main number: 949-330-6473. Contact Andrew at 949-330-6476 (work) or 949-226-1219 (cell). As of Jan 2006, they use less than 20 different types of ads to generate mortgage leads for their clients. They use fax broadcasters in Seattle and Canada. They contract with a call center that does pre-screening and then the lead is hot transferred to the client.

Stock Pump and dump faxers[edit]

Stock fraud faxes
Why email spammers are now touting penny stocks like AHFI, CNDD, SGNJ

Miscellaneous junk faxers: stock touts
List of stock tout newsletter names

Investors Alert
Stock pump and dump faxes. The link is to a couple of depositions including the one of the president, Thomas Loyd. Also covered in his deposition is:

  • Market News Alert
  • Investors' Capital Alert
  • Stock Traders Alert
  • Stock Buyers Alert
  • Company Watch
  • Wall Street Watch
  • Enine Market Watch

Market News Alert
This is the most famous "hot penny stock" newsletter. Basically, it's a pump and dump scheme.

Wall Street Watch
Another pump and dump scam like Market News Alert.

Wall Street Stock Alerts. Removal number: (888) 399-1563. Web site: www.blocklist.com Address: 7700 Pine Valley Dr., Ste 207, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada L4L 2X4

OTC Investors Edge
Pump and dump stock scam. The address on the fax is fictitious. Here's more info.

OTC Growth STock Watch Newsletter
From fresco1: I got the 24 page mailer "Global Financial Network" paid $708,586.14 and the promoter paid was Geoffrey Eitten, OTC Research Corp. his newsletter is called oTC Growth STock Watch Newsletter 888 268 2479 or 781 444 6100. His company is called National Financial Communications. 888 # is on mailer.. I happen to have his other number from past promotions

Travel faxers[edit]

Travelcomm (aka Patriot Travel aka Cancun Sunny Vacations aka Cancunallinclusive)
Notorious travel junk faxer. If you see Travel Partners, Corporate Travel, Canadian Travel, Mexico Travel in the headers, then these are the folks to sue.

Florida Reservations Inc
Sends lots of $99/person Florida offers for vacations in Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Mexico. When you call, hotels they use are Radisson Worldgate (Radisson Barcelo Hotel Orlando), AmeriHost Inn Resort Kissimmee, and Ramada Plaza Orlando Resort East Universal Studios.

FLA Enterprises- Orlando Bahamas Cruise fax
If you have an Orlando Bahamas Cruise offer, it's probably from them.

J D & T Enterprises dba Travel to Go
Based in San Diego, CA. Used fax.com before they went out of business.

Mortgage faxers[edit]

Optima Funding
No headers, only an 800 number: 800-709-0768. A major mortgage junk faxer that just doesn't quit.

Ten Day Capital
They are really good about hiding all their names and location but we figured it out.

OCM Inc aka Helpufinance.com
Mortgage broker who contracts with lead generation firms that use junk faxes. They are liable under the TCPA under agency law.

Ultimate Funding - George Mazloom
They used to send out their mortgage faxes

LoanNow Financial (Fairon & Associates)
I sued and they wisely settled. Others have had to go to court to win. Fairon & Assoc., Inc. dba Mortgage Service Center aka Credit Union Mortgage Service Center aka LoanNow.com. See also Repel the Invaders Fax, Spam, and Telemarketing Actions. Attorneys suing them: John H. Donboli, CA (619) 230-7757. Note that Fairon denies they send faxes since they send it out using a different name (LoanNow).

Bridge Capital Corporation
A fax.com mortgage advertiser. Uses 800-418-5687 among other numbers (answers as "Consumer Source")

First Chartered Investments aka Chartered Financial
They don't fax anymore, but never give up trying to avoid judgments

Cambridge Financial Services; Cambridge Home Loans
Darryl Smiley's (formerly of fax.com/Data Reserach Systems) new company

New World Mortgage
A top fax.com customer

Dana Capital
A long time user of junk faxes to promote mortgages. Has more websites and names that you can shake a stick at (over 600).

Finance Direct
Direct Capital Group, Inc. dba Finance Direct.

Miscellaneous mortgage

  • I've been getting a bunch of faxes with a squirrel holding an acorn with a "$" on it, and offering "Rates as low as 1.25%". Interest number 800-949-3517, removal number 800-207-3164. I finally got through today. The phone was answered, "Mortgage Lenders' Service", and I was hot transferred to Remedy One Mortgage Corp (I found them on the Dept. of Corporations site) in Riverside. The call-back number I was given was 877-342-0123.

Health care faxers[edit]

Family Health, Family Care, Family Health Care, National Association of Preferred Providers
Different companies with similar sounding names. All appear to send junk faxes.

Equal Access Health aka Health Benefits of America (HBA)
Also offers health care for the entire family.

Survey faxers[edit]

Info4U Ltd. Charges $15.80 to take you off their fax list. Yeah right.

21st Century Faxes
If you've ever gotten those "national poll" faxes with a 900 number response (one for YES, another for NO), it was probably from 21st Century. They've been lying low for now, and a new company out of Canada (Right 2 Vote Ltd) is now the new champ of these scam surveys.

Miscellaneous firms[edit]

America Find, Inc. aka America e-find
Run by Michael Jay. They send a lot of junk faxes promoting their investigations firm.

Check out this lawsuit: AZ Superior Court 12/16/04Junk Fax Complaint

fax.com clients
This page lists some of the companies who used fax.com to send out their advertisements. Here are some more companies that send junk faxes.

E-Babylon aka Inkjets2toner.com aka proinkjets.com, 123inkjets.com, 911inkjets.com, 00inkjets.com, 4yourprinter.com, 111inkjets.com, 007inkjets.com, 411inkjets.com, freecartridges.com, 123lasertoner.com and 123cartridges.com
A big fax.com customer that sells inkjet refills. Cited by the FTC for misrepresentation and forced to pay a big fine. Run by Aidin Yousif and Michael Zaya. Full time in-house counsel is William Dunlap

Y2K Marketing
Earn $300,000 - $750,000 A year in Personal Income. Also known as MSI Marketing, currently in bankruptcy proceedings where their continuing liability for unsolicited faxes was recently upheld by the bankruptcy judge. Details.

ELS (eloansites.com) aka IDC Solutions aka Mavcomm aka Infinity Communications aka Satellite TV 4 Less
They send out a fax that says "Register to Win $1000.00" in return for your faxing back the form with your signature saying you agree to be junk faxed for charity. These faxes are illegal.

ICN Corporation
They did the 900 number billing for 21st Century Faxes and there is an interesting connection with ibill.

Copiers Direct
A seller of copiers that is one of the most prolific junk faxers.

Live Leads aka Consumer Source aka Linkpoint Marketing aka Data Research Systems
Sends out faxes via other fax broadcasters.

Precise Marketing
Also know as Teleten Marketing. Sells mortgage loans.

Central Imaging
Also known as America's Toner. You've got to admire their strategy. They send you junk faxes to use up your toner, and offer to sell you more toner.

CMG Marketing, LLC
Promotional Offers with your company logo.

Miscellaneous fax number sellers
Curious as to how they get your fax number? Some people buy lists. Others use war dialers to discover fax machines.

Audio Library
Audio recordings of actual phone conversations with junk faxers... sort of like watching 20/20 where they admit they've sent a million faxes over 4 years and are confronted with the law. Pretty amusing.

E-mail spammers