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Christopher A. Cartheuser gets up to 300 faxes an hour from and can't get them to stop

Jan 20, 2002
My company has a private commercial fax service that has over 1000 DIDs
which are assigned to our customers' fax boxes.
Apparently, has run a harvester on our system and is happily
into our system to the tune of almost 1000 faxes in 2 days. In fact they
doing it right now. I have saved the vast majority of them.
Your thoughts on action my firm can take against these idiots?
Saw your posting in deja after I searched for the 800 number that is
"supposed to delete you" from their database....yeah, right...

January 24, 2002

I'm not aware of a significant presence in California for us. However,
I'm forwarding this to management as they have expressed an interest in
re-couping some of the costs of being down for several days as well as
labor to repair damage done.

Wish we did, though. As it turns out, we have 2000 DIDs that
decided was theirs to use. I saved over 2000 faxes that were sent to
unpublished fax service boxes. Getting rid of this kind of abuse is
important to us. I wish you luck.

Thanks for responding. Since I emailed you last, we called several of
their customers (that were advertising on the faxes) and mentioned
triple damages. Those people called and suddenly, we were out of
their databases...this after I had called them and my CEO had called
them and we had crashed for 3 consecutive days without any response. I
realize that you had mentioned not harrassing them, but we have a
business to run and they were in the process of shutting it down or
damaging it to a point of no repair.

Vios Condios amigo.

Have saved "most" of the faxes...1500 or so.

March 11, 2002

We own 2000 DIDS on a private fax system that we have developed as a
network service. The "people" (loose term) at ran a war dialer
on the exchange where our DIDs live...527-XXXX. They got all of them
and began sending faxes to beat the band. I asked them to stop 3 times.
Each time, they removed 1000 DIDs from their system.....then it started
all over again, with them even finding and sending to the trunk billing
numbers (which are forwarded to the trunks themselves). Total time
period of saves was probably about 6 weeks.

I finally told them that their response was unsatisfactory and that our
management (who also works for Cisco and does Homeland Security work)
was preparing a case against them to recover business losses and
hopefully punitive damages for deliberate illegal activity. I suggested
that they remove our entire exchange from their databases and that I
would not be corresponding with them again on the issue.....but our
lawyers would if we received even one more fax from them.

The faxes stopped and I've never heard from them again. Good riddance.
These guys are real bane on society.

April 2, 2002

Are you a mind reader or something? I just received another 298 faxes
from a fax spammer about an hour ago, but I'm not sure if it's the same
folks. I've included a few copies here for you to review. It sure
looks like them (


For the record, I despise these "guys" and their email counterparts.
Having been a network admin and owner for 8 years, I'm sick of their
abuse and lame excuses. And now, of course, they can add liar to their
title since the security officer at their facility assured me this would
never happen again....yeah right....the check's in the mail... Get me
some info, and I'll represent you to my chairman this Saturday and push
for some resolution (provided you don't give me any surprises in the
info). Who knows, maybe they can be portrayed as a threat to national

Chris Cartheuser
Ocean Holding Group LLC
513 271-3486

Chris is willing to talk to the press. Contact us for his contact info if you can't reach him at the number above.