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MSI Marketing, Inc dba Y2Marketing

Most recent information we have:

Edward Earle, President (claims to be a millionaire now)
COO of MSI Marketing, Inc.: Philip R. Settles (Ray)
CEO of MSI Markteing, Inc.: Richard C. Harshaw

Rich Harshaw, CEO (Rharshaw@Y2MARKETING.COM)
972-572-5300, 800-800-5037 (listed on fax); also 800-446-1007

Their former agent for service is:

Bryan Adamson
2634 Santa Anna
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Dec 30, 2003: MSI Marketing has declared bankruptcy but the bankruptcy court has ruled that their liability for the unsolicited faxes they sent remains. Click here for details. Also see the complete press release (Acrobat PDF format) that was issued by Walter Oney, a Boston attorney active in the case. [12/30/2003]

May 29, 2002: This fax says I can earn >$300,000 - $750,000 A year. Removal number is 303-233-2060 and the information number is 800-560-6426.

I believe that 303-233-2060 is the remove number on a bunch of faxes sent by the blaster, Sunbelt Marketing. Sunbelt is the successor company to American Blastfax (ABF), which was eviscerated by several lawsuits in Texas. The owners of ABF were enjoined from creating a successor company, but the injunction is only within Texas.

Here's their info:

Revised address information:

DBAs: Millennium 2 Marketing


6363 N. State Hwy 161
Suite 600
Irving, TX 75038
1801 N. Hampton Rd.
Suite 420
DeSoto, TX 75115

Millennium 2 Marketing, Inc.

1700 Pacific Ave.
Dallas, TX 75115

Old address information:

1801 N. Hampton St. Ste 420
Desoto, TX 75115
Phone (888) 526-0278 / (972) 572-5300
Fax (972) 572-8440

Web Sites

For the Zen and the Art of Small Claims Web site containing information related to this company click here.

Fax Pitch:

Earn $300,000 - $750,000
Information number (800) 560-6426
Removal Number (303) 233-2060

The removal number (303) 233-2060 previously belonged to Sunbelt Marketing. However, as of 2006, this number is now re-assigned to a private residence with no connection at all to Sunbelt. You can see a bit more on Sunbelt here.

Received Fax

Sunbelt Marketing
7475 West 5th. Ave.
Lakewood, Co. 80226
Phone (303) 233-2060 Oddly enough this is the same as the removal number.