Websites Set Up By Richard Rutkowski

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I'm actually surprised nobody has figured out all the websites owned by Richard Rutkowski/Jeremy Jaynes and posted them to the web. So I'm exposing them here for the first time on 8/18/04.

Here are just a few of the ones I ran across while doing my research.

The following websites all seem to be promoting CNDD right now (8/18/04) as "The $tock Insider":

Coincidentally, they are all registered to:

IBT Telecoms LTD
1811 NW 51st suite 2508
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309

as is the domain:

This is the same spammer as (also used to promote stocks) which uses an address of:
IST Consultants LTD.
7226 W. Colonial Dr #273
Orlando, Florida 32818
Phone: +1.3212340265
Fax: +1.3212340265

As can be verified at NAP of the Americas - Representative Customer List, Red Rock Hosting is the same as IBT Telecom aka IBT Telecoms LTD. Red Rock Hosting I know from subpoena belong to Richard Rutkowski who works for Jeremy Jaynes which totally explains the tie with our Kos-Heysek stock promo team. So the spam component is Jaynes-Rutkowski's contribution (spam promo) as well as some other technical services Rutkowski provided to the Kos-Heysek part of the gang.

Similarly, email with a removal address of:

1413 1/2 #134
W. Kenneth Rd.
Glendale, CA 91201

means you've been spammed by Jaynes and his boys.

But Rutkowski doesn't always use the same information when registering sites.

For example, all of the following domains were registered by Richard Rutkowski and can be traced back to him, but only an expert would be able to tell this since it is not obvious (the whois records are all different (he's not THAT stupid)):

as well as:

All these sites immediately above have home pages that are a variant of each other, e.g., compare sweptaHome.pdf with WishFulWingHome.pdf. So they do the minimum to make each site look unique and sometimes they make the sites so fast, e.g., WishFulWingHome.pdf, that the graphic name on the home page doesn't match the URL and the text. does indeed exist and everything is consistent. But when they made WishFulWing, they changed the text, but forgot to change the graphic (left to be the same as FlyHighOffer).

Here's the SGNJ promo on the ( website: sweptaSGNJ.pdf

Here's the CNDD promo on the ( home page: lunchpartyCNDD.pdf

IP address range:

They send out email from, and, among others. Therefore, all the following are Rutkowski sites, for example (this is just the tip of the iceberg):

These are all some of the domains set up by Richard Rutkowski for spam.

Here's are a some spams I got from Richard's machines ("The Stock Insider") on CNDD on August 19, 2004 and Aug 20: SpamCNDD.txt

Those spams were from domains known to be set up by Rutkowski: and as noted above.

Here's the jump page from the spam. It was on one of the domains identified above: zunitoeCNDD.pdf

They used to route via global crossing till global crossing kicked them off:

SenderBase was showing that CYBERDOMAINSPOT.COM was
sending enough email to give it a rank around 30,
which at the time was above such sources of email
as (Doubleclick), eBay, etc.
This network appears to have more than just a
mailing address in Florida: the bandwidth
on Global Crossing is also routed there:
9 ( [AS 3549] 12 msec
10 ( [AS 3549] 44 msec
11 ( [AS 3549] 40 msec
12 ( [AS 3549] 44 msec
13 ( [AS 3549] 44 msec