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Wall Street Watch (penny stock tip newsletter)

This is a penny stock promotion similar to Market News Alert described above. They list a removal number of 1-866-390-8832 which is a fax line (you are supposed to fax your sheet back to them to be removed).

Over a year ago they were using Quick Fax Inc in Texas. They seem to be using Xpedite Systems, Inc. now (see FCC citation of May 14, 2002).

Removal number (866 390 8832) traced to:

Expedite Systems
5401 Chimney Rock Rd # 210
Houston, TX 77081

The leasing office for 5401 Chimney Rock Apartments can be reached at 713-661-3790. They are owned by the Praedium Group in New York City. Praedium's officers' contact information can be viewed at their website, www.praediumgroup.com/contact.htm. The complex is managed by Investors Management Trust Real Estate Group (an outfit out of Sherman Oaks who are undoubtedly familiar with the recent California anti-spam legislation). Their website (down at the moment) is www.imtreg.com.

According to Richard Z. on the junfax-l, this is run by Larry Craft.

That business address is an apartment in this apartment complex:

5401 Chimney Rock Apartments 5401 Chimney Rock Road, Houston, TX 77081 (713) 661-3790

From Richard Z.: Every address you turn up for WSW was at some point, a resting place for Mr. Craft. There were about three or four known address's for him. I managed to get him to call me a few months ago, first screaming and yelling and asking what it would take to make us all go away. Two minutes later he called back and apologized. I have it all on tape but still don't know where he is. You can bet his fax broadcaster does.

Another Posting:

Has anyone successfully served Lawrence H. Craft or Stayce Rose d/b/a Wall Street Watch?
I have several addresses for them in Houston, TX, at which service of process was declined. A skip trace indicates that my information was correct. If anyone has had success using :any Particular special process server in Houston or particular service instructions, please advise Off list.
Jason G. Shanfield (jshanfield@edcombs.com)