Vendor videos from IronPort, Mailfrontier, BorderWare and MailFoundry

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See Anti-spam filters compared; 25,000 user survey results for how our readers rated the top anti-spam systems.

But if you want to hear what the vendors say about their products, read on...

At the RSA Conference on February 16, 2006, we went to each of the top anti-spam appliance vendors booths to ask them to pitch their product to our readers and answer questions about performance. The ideal system will filter out all spam without introducing any false positives. My objective was to cut through the "marketing hype" and find out what the minimum guaranteed filtering rate for spam is for their products.

For the four companies who agreed to an on-camera interview at the show, here's what they said (we've edited it down for size to the relevant parts):

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BorderWare (4.2M)
IronPort (4.5M)