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Stock Touts

The Eversull Group, Inc. (headed by Jack Eversull) is the Investor Relations firm for both China Voice Holding Corporation (CHVC) and Ronn Motor Company (RNNM). Junk faxes have been sent out that promote both companies.

It's likely that Jack Eversull just got really unlucky and just happened to have two clients that send out junk faxes using the same people to promote their stock. After all, some of the other stocks promoted by the same people have different IR firms. For example, GFRE uses (Winning IR Company, Ltd. (646) 200-6351).

RNNM faxes have the removal number 866-612-6851

CHVC faxes have removal numbers including: 866-395-8075, 800-305-0319.

Despite the removal number difference, these faxes appear to be written by the same people and sent by the same broadcaster. Here is a sampling: StockPromos.pdf

Companies promoted include:

  • RNNM
  • SLAT
  • RVBF
  • OPAI
  • CHVC
  • HYBR
  • SPXP
  • GRFE
  • CNOA

Secondly, SLAT and HYBR, which have also were promoted with junk faxes both are clients of Even more intriguing is that according to SLAT's website, SLAT and HYBR are working together. The websites of the two companies appear have some amount of common management control.

According to SLAT's 10-Q filed 6/11/08, Holly Roseberry resigned as President on June 4, 2008, but remains a director Ayaz Kassam is the new CEO. According to HYBR's 10-Q, Holly Roseberry is CEO of HYBR and signed the report dated June 20, 2008! I found this on about HYBR:

Ms. Holly Roseberry was appointed as our President, Chief Executive Officer on August 30, 2005. Ms. Roseberry has acted as the President and Chef Executive Officer and has been a :director of Hybrid Technologies, our major stockholder, since 2002. From 2001 to 2003, she acted as manager for the Azra Shopping Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. She obtained a Bachelor :of Arts degree from Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1973. Ms. Roseberry was employed from 1993 to 1996 as human resources manager, and from 1997 to 1999 as :business office manager, of the Las Vegas location of Wards Department Store.

SPXP uses Goal Capital LLC for IR.

There is a common thread for all these companies...the junkfaxes that were sent out all appear to written by the same group of people and sent out by the same broadcasting company.