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3/10/06: SEC sues William Kepler of BMA Ventures in Dallas, TX in federal court in Dallas for touting 26 companies. Kepler's newsletter bore names such as OTC Premier, Inside Wall St., or OTC Marquee.

See Junk fax profiles for the ones we have researched.

There are a LOT of stock tout "newsletters" that all illegally promote stocks:

Access Wallstreet

Active Trader’s Alert

Aggressive Stock Picks

American OTC Stock Market Report

America’s Stockwatch

Bio-Defense Industry Report

BPI Industries

Breaking Market News

Bulletin Board Investor

The Bulletin Boar Report

Bullish Indicator’s


The Bull Run Report

Buy Right News

Capital Research Group, Inc.

Company Watch Wowtown

Data Services, LLC

Emerging Market News

ENINE Market Watch

Emerging Equity Group

Energy Investor Report

Equity Market Watch


Estock Pick of the Week

Eye on Wallstreet

Financial Forum

Financial Freedom

The Financial Globe

The Franklin Report

The Inside Story

Insights and Opinions

Investment Guide

Investment Opinion

Investor’s Advantage

Investor’s Alert

Investor’s News Alert

Investor’s Business Report

Investor’s Capital Alert

Investor’s Chronicle

Investor Informer

Investors Today

Investor Outlook


Investor News Network

Investors Newspaper

Investor’s Report

IPO Newsletter

Market Insider

Market Break

The Market Mover

Market News Alert

Market Reporter

The Market is Rebounding Report

The Market Report

Market Watch, Corp

The Momentum Researcher

Momentum Trader

Moneyline Report

Money Shot

National Investor’s News Update Alert

New Wire Bulletin


OTC Breaking New Alert

OTC Gold Sheet Preview

OTC Investor’s Alert

OTC Investor’s Edge

OTC Market Alert

OTC Marketwatch

OTC Marquee

OTC Newspaper

OTC Premier

OTC Reports

OTC Stock Today

OTC Stockwatch

OTC Today

Overlooked Stocks

Overlooked Wall Street Securities Report

PDA Communications

Pegasus Report

Penny Stock Police Alert

The Penny Stock Picker

Penny Stock Watch

Positive Outlook

Small Cap Central

Special Situations Alert

Stock Alert

Stock Analysis Alert

Stock Alert Notification Report

Stock Buyers Alert

Stock Growth Report

Stock Market Alert

Stock News Alert

The Stock Pick of the Month Report

Stock Prophet

Stock Reporter’

Stock Signal Alert

Stock Signal Stockwatch

Stocktalk Journal

Stock Trader’s Alert

Stock Watch Alert

Stock Watcher

Stock Watch

StockWave USA

Stock Wizard

Successful Investor Newsletter

Sun Network Group

The Telecom Profiler


Trader’s Alert

Trader’s Review

The Trading Report

USA Money Today

Wall Street Alert

Wall Street Analysis

Wall Street Bulletin

Wall Street Equity Report

Wall Street Examiner

Wall Street Indicators

Wall Street Insider

Wall Street OTC

Wall Street Outlook

Wall Street Power Stocks

Wall Street Reporter

Wall Street Review

Wall Street’s Secrets

Wall Street Stock Alerts

Wall Street Times

Wall Street Trader’s Report

Wall Street Watch

Wall Street Weekly