Sellers of fax numbers/other junk faxers

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Here are some of the companies that sell fax numbers, fax number trolling software, and who offer fax broadcasting services. To sell the numbers isn't illegal. To use the numbers is!

Alpha Systems International
They will target their 5M list of fax numbers for you. Totally illegally of course.

Welcome to Best Lead List
Here's what they say: "Business file with 100% phones and fax numbers. Contact names on 70% of the file. Fax directory compiled through outbound telemarketing and fax broadcasting directory of fax owners and users. Great for time shares, vacations, business supplies, electronics, and merchant credit card processing."

fax harvester
They sell software you can use to break the law.

1 Million Number Special
For only $99 you get Symantec's WinFax software (latest release is very buggy) plus 1 million fax numbers you can illegally send faxes to.

1st Mass Fax Software Headquarters
Sells 1M fax numbers for $149. Success quotes from customers such as this:

"Our product and service is Education and with that comes diverse and constantly changing information. I need a medium that can capture a very large audience very quickly at a reasonable price. I have found that fax broadcasting has brought the most success at the right price."
- from Michael Palmer, Business Education Services, BC & Alberta, Dun & Bradstreet Canada

Anyway, you get the idea. I could spend all year compiling a list of these companies. Doing a search for "fax broadcasting" on Overture shows the biggest offenders at the top (not all are illegal).