Robert Fenerty's new fax machine escaped detection for only 2 weeks!

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E-mail sent on May 6, 2002

I purchased a fax machine about six months a go for personal use. I use the fax machine to send the occasional form; to receive a travel itinerary. I have found it useful for these small tasks. However, a week or two after I purchased the machine, I started getting receiving unsolicited fax advertisements. I now receive daily "junk faxes." It galls me that I use my fax machine perhaps once per week, and advertisers use it daily. I have to pay for the toner, the paper, and the depreciation for unwanted advertisements. I want this activity to stop.

Most firms whose services are advertised in junk faxes (travel agencies, mortgage companies, etc.) do not manage their own fax marketing campaigns. They contract with fax marketing firms that sell junk faxing services to businesses. It is the fax marketing companies that perpetuate junk faxing activity in violation of federal law. It is the fax marketing firms that should be enjoined from continuing this annoying and illegal activity.

Robert Fenerty

Note: Fenerty won in small claims, and the defendant appealed but settled right before trial when it was clear to the defendant that Fenerty was serious.