Rebuttal from US Record Search

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Received from Fred Joseph, President of US Record Search on 11/3/06 regarding the page:
US Record Search & Information Services, Inc. and Fred Joseph: Scam or fraud?

On or about July of 2006, Mr. Steven Kirsch came to our company for asset searches. He paid $495.00 for an asset search package. He would call our offices almost everyday and sometimes twice a day asking about his search. He was told that we would contact him when his results came in. He would be rude and verbally abusive to our office staff when he called. He was sent his hard asset search report. His initial bank searches yielded no fruit. He refuses to let us help him further and will not show proof that he wants the search for a legal purpose.

Sometimes, two parties minds may not ever agree on something. We offered his money back twice but he refuses. He has currently file suit in a small claims court in California for $7,500.00. Who’s duping, who? We just lost a hearing on the issue of venue. The judge says we must go to court in California. We have offered his money back again, so the out come of the hearing is moot. He’s welcome to his money back. The judge is not going to give him thousands more. We will let you know the outcome.

Mr. Kirsch continues to telephone and email harass both myself, and our company attorney, even though he has been noticed to stop.

US RECORD SEARCH, is used by the department of justice, Private Detective Joe Colligan and Montel, Dr. Phil, 48 hours, Connie Chung, thousands of detective agencies and law firms around the country. We do pro bono work for the Ronald Mcdonald House and other charities. We have been around for over 10 years and I had my own detective agency for about another 10 years.

We always try to help people and throw in extra searches all of the time to please and help people. If a person needs help or is not happy with something, all they need to do is call. We will not help abusive callers however.

We deal with about 25,000 people a year. We average 5-6 complaints a year. They are generally the people that are abusive, obnoxious and unreasonable. These are the people that God couldn’t make happy. Everyday we send in at least 1 or more credit card credits for people that changed their mind, made a mistake, ordered more than once or we gave the credit as a dispute compromise.

We always try to work things out when minds do not meet. The funny thing is that he never asks about his results. It’s like he does not care. He only seems to care how we run our business and how we do things. He has his own software company and we believe that he is trying to get into this business.

We even offered him his money back and search results also. He refused.

Thank You