Precise Marketing a.k.a. Telten Marketing

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updated 4/12/04:

Unverified information on the management and numbers associated with these companies:

Company name(s):

  • "Teleten Marketing"
  • "Precise Marketing"
  • "Teleten Loans"

Web site(s):

They are registered with Verisign as, in Los Angeles.

Company Information:

3250 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA They alternately list Suite 210, and Suite 1600.

Principals and other staff:

  • Robert Lee
  • David Alexander


  • has several postings by disgruntled customers. One person says he won a default judgment against "Robert Lee" and "David Alexander" of TeleTen in San Diego Small Claims.
  • The Colorado AG filed a cease and desist against them for telemarketing violations in January, 2003. See: