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Live Leads aka Consumer Source aka Linkpoint Marketing aka Data Research Systems[edit]

Justin Snyder and Jimmy Horvat (formerly of sell mortgage promos.

"Richard Lamarre" is also being used by these guys.

Now at 800-352-9519 was their number. Using Protus to send faxes.

They are independent agents. Emails include and Address is 3848 Campus Drive, F-106, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Website:

The number listed on the site to contact them, 800-485-2055 (and 800-418-5687), answers as Consumer Source and references their "Live Leads program."

They are listed as Linkpoint Marketing.

Numbers (from VCOM) include: 800-603-5709, 800-418-5687, 800-520-5789

Mr. Charles Martin
Linkpoint Marketing
7071 Warner Avenue Suite 122
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Note that there is no evidence that the real Charles Martin ever worked in Huntington Beach so this could be a setup.

Fax 949-580-2361

Horvat used to work at (as a top sales person there).

Here are some numbers for Consumer Source (July 04):

  • 800-205-3039
  • 800-587-7291
  • 800-503-6720

Therefore, if you see one of these numbers, check the removal numbers and the headers.

Jim Horvat (at Live Leads Corp) 800-352-9519

The main number listed on the website 800-485-2055 answers as consumer Source!

Justin Synder gave his direct line at live leads as 800-852-1839

Subpoena results came back from Qwest: 800-352-7196 belongs to Liveleads Corp, contact name Janice Snyder (his mother perhaps?), 3848 Campus Drive, STE 106, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

President is Justin Snyder, same guy who answers emails to with Address is 3848 Campus Drive, F-106, Newport Beach, CA 92660 with phone number 886-918-7446

Rumor has it that they are now called Team Tech Solutions and justin ortiz works there too. last email was: sales at

Access leads at:
Phone: 800-352-9674

8/7/06: Justin Snyder and Justin Ortiz (both formerly associated with Reportedly moved to 5509 Creedmoor ave suite 206 Raleigh, NC. Now doing mortgage lead telemarketing and timeshare bookings. Reportedly calling themselves Team Tech Solutions, Stork Marketing, Skill Marketing, Rock Financial