J D & T Enterprises dba Travel to Go

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JD &T Enterprises dba Travel to Go

Have been sending Travel faxes since 2000. Was a fax.com customer as well (see FDCdirList.txt). Appears to still be sending out faxes.

Sample fax (January 1, 2004)

Verified This Was Sent by Travel To Go Seven (7) Different Ways:

  • From other junk fax people on the junkfax-l list
  • Junk fax websites
  • Called number on the fax and was directed to website traveltogo.com
  • Website contains offers similar to the fax
  • Called number and the recorded greeting makes an offer similar to the fax. Here is the recording: TravelToGoPhoneGreeting.MP3
  • Travel To Go has admitted sending junk faxes; their cover letter says to let them know if it happens again: jdt-settle
  • Travel To Go was a former customer of infamous fax broadcaster fax.com: See the fax.com archive on the fax.com page (bottom)


Addresses include:

  • Current (as of 4-1-05): 7964-B Arjons Dr. San Diego, CA 92126 858-453-9840; 800-477-6331
  • Old (from settlement agreement): 6790 Top Gun Street STE 7, San Diego, CA 92121


  • 800-469-5088 Ext. 623
  • Oasis in the Sand
  • Orlando Cancun Hawaii
  • Four & Five Star Resorts
  • A limited time only due to under-booking
  • We are one of the world's largest resort providers with hundreds of destinations
  • When you travel with us you get more & pay less
  • Retail cost for these resorts averages $1400 per week
  • Receive 8 days and 7 nights for only $299
  • Travel Coordinator: Angela Jones
  • Bonus: For reserving today receive a relaxing Bahamas cruise for 2
  • This vacation can be taken any time, and is 100% transferable
  • This offer is only available during this Corporate Sellout, for your Employees, their Families & Associates!


Bunn claims to have never sent junk faxes. She probably figures nobody would have found about about the settlement offer where her representative talked about a "repeat occurred" in reference to more unsolicited faxes. This is a tacit admission that they did send the fax since if they never sent anything, they’d have never put that in.

Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn, Pres.

Fax lists

  • From: 1-866-515-5685
  • Call: 1-800-469-5088
  • Remove #:1-866-515-5685