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According to Zelma, ICN Corporation is the billing agent for 21st Century's 900 numbers (ICN does 900 numbers for porn sites too) and the FCC has determined that the removal number on the fax sent to me from 21st Century Faxes is owned by ICN. ICN knows how to contact 21st Century (but won't say without a lawsuit). In turn ICN, uses ibill, probably to keep track of all the money.

The FCC didn't spend any time to determine the involvement of ICN (i.e., whether they sent the faxes, etc.). Apparently, ICN just handles the 900 numbers - not the faxes.... but ICN is the money pipeline back to 21stC. Any state AG should seize the 21stC escrow account with ICN, and all income from the 900 lines (this has already been done by the state of Oregon).

In addition, ICN benefited from the calls, that admission was made by their attorney to Richard Z when he almost entered in settlement negotiations last year. As to "the entity on whose behalf the fax is sent... bears responsibility", the benefactor is not only 21st Century, it is ICN as well.

Eric Cherry, President
ICN Corporation a.k.a. ICN Ltd. a.k.a. National Raceline a.k.a. Worldwide Internet Solutions
1801 S. Federal Highway, Suite 300
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Tel: 1.561.272.5667
Fax: 1.561.272.5333
See their profile: About ICN

You can see a picture of Eric on the home page http://www.icnltd.com/. Now it turns out that Eric does business with ibill (as noted on his website). Eric and Albert J. Angel own ibill which employs 200 people. So he appears to have some deep pockets. Check out this ibill and ICN info

Internet Billing Company, Ltd
5701 Pine Island Road Suite 240
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33321
954-726-3748 (fax)

Below are the officers listed for ibill on their website. Angel is in house attorney, but no longer licensed to practice. Angel's been involved with other companies with Eric Cherry (see ibill and ICN info).

Wondering about who Edward Cherry is? Well, Eric is Edward's father. Edward Cherry still works at ibill. Ed is licensed (or was) to practice law in NY. Edward posts on usenet as sock_puppet4515@my-deja.com. check out his posts, for example, here's one:

I am in need of some girl oriented shirt ideas, anyone with those please send e-mail to callgirlz at yahoo.com Oh yeah, Mr. Anonymous. Good research moron. All of the "evidence" you found is public record. . doofus. . . Steve, why do you smart people associate yourselves with these morons? Even Sam, the most abusive one, sticks to the facts, ie: SPAM, and not other dreams of destroying the Dark Planet (ibill) and Darth Vader (aka sock puppet)

Here's an excerpt from another post by Edward Cherry (Eric's son):

In article <courier.39761CC6.00002283@ny.email-scan.com>, Sam <sam@email-scan.com> wrote: >
Eddie - according to the Florida Bar, nobody by the name of "Steven
> Workman" -- who's described as Ibill's "attorney" by the Register -- is
> licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. Would you like to
> comment on that?
Sure Samantha, Mr. Workman is our CHICAGO Lawyer. You see, we use those mean sonafabitch Chicago lawyers when we sue you "Ad Hominem" anti-spammers who run out of arguments, and name call when you are made to look like the non-educated morons that you are.
Oh, by the way, Mr. Workman is also licensed in California, just in case we need to sue some asshole in California. (Know any potential Defendants in California? Any "Undercapitalized Non-Profit Organization" defendants?? I say this because when a Non-profit organization is undercapitalized, Plaintiffs get to sue the principals in their individual capacity, and subject personal assets to liability. Oh, one more thing "Lay Person", go look up the word "Pro Hac Vice" at the Florida Bar Web-site. I will help neophyte, Pro Hac Vice is the tool used when a Florida Plaintiff wants to use COMPETENT counsel from out of state.
You see dipshit, ANY lawyer, from ANY state can file a notice of appearence in Florida by filing a Motion To Appear Pro Hac Vice. Keep paying attention to the players instead of the issues, and your credibility "dwindles down to zero" Samantha. Have you ever taken a Critical Thinking or "Logic" class in College? Your posts indicate that you have not, or if you have, that lame ass Ohio school needs to give you back your money cause you been robbed kid. . .