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The pitch i-ops.com used to promote their IR business[edit]

Benefits of I-OPS.COM

  • FREE Newsletter Portal - www.i-ops.com Cross Promotes I-OPS.COM Financial Newsletters Hundreds of FREE Newsletters
  • Our Expert Research Analysts each w/ 20 Years experience
  • The Penny Stock Picker is just one of the 15 Financial Newsletters that I-OPS.COM can promote your company in. One of them is right for your company!
  • I-OPS.COM Investment Radio. I-OPS.COM Broadcasts to the World with Prompt Public Disclosure to keep your Investors Up to Date! We offer:

Millions of Investors & Potential Investors Databases

Builds Powerful Databases of New Interest in Your Company

Allows continual Interaction for your NEW IOPS Database through eMail!

Benefits of our Research Analysts
Benefit from I-OPS.COM roster of Professional Research Analysts. Tom Heysek, Francis Gaskins, John Fitzgibbon, Andrew McMaster & others as they tell the story of WHY investors should Invest in your company !

Answers Questions from Contact Forms

Adds Important “Credibility”.

Writes Report in Easy to Understand Language.

Assists with Chat Room trainings for Investors.

Analysts assist with Cross Promotion & Question and Answer sessions about your company on their Internet Radio Shows each week.

Today's Internet Population

322 Million

Estimated 2003
926 Million

………This is How We Do It !!!!

  1. Our Research Analyst / Analysts write the Summary Research Report Newsletter. Example @ • http://www.i-ops.com/micro-caps
  2. I-OPS.COM Writes & Sends the E-mail Message that we will deliver to millions of potential new investors each week.
  3. I-OPS.COM Builds Your Investor Database through Subscribers & Contact Forms
  4. I-OPS.COM Sends Audio, Video, & Continual Follow Up for Client.
    Audio & Video*: http://www.i-ops.com/wsph/main.htm
  5. I-OPS.COM handles all of the functions of interaction with the investors / potential investors for your company.

→(Should have high speed modem& most recent version of Real Player; Microsoft Media Player to download at site.)

EXPECTED RESULTS of I-OPS.COM Investor Awareness Campaign:

(6 month Program)

Database of Interested Investors from:

80,000 to 200,000 “Subscribers & Potential Investors in your company Worldwide”.

8000 – 20,000 Broker Leads (Contact Forms) that either your staff can follow up with or ours to bring in massive new buying of your stock.