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Here is a partial list of the fax.com clients that have spammed me in the period Aug 2001 to December 2001. Matching the phone numbers to your faxes is a great way to identify which fax.com client(s) spammed you.

Here are the actual faxes I received and the contact information for each of the senders that they neglected to add to their fax. 11 different companies in all that they will claim I supposedly have a relationship with.

Advanced Communications
115 W. Victoria St
Long Beach, CA 90805
310-258-1750 (direct) or 1-888-212-2444 (printed on fax)
1 fax

Satellite Direct Systems (authorized reseller for DirecTV)
2501 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606-5026
800 877 0733 (direct). 800-440-9096 (printed on fax)
3 faxes

313 North State Street
Orem, UT 84057
800-205-9809 x101 (printed on fax)
Sent me 2 faxes

Call Center Network Direct
550 W. Vista Way, Suite 302
Vista, CA 92083
800-488-8963 (printed on fax)
888-819-3639 (another number they use)
Sent me 3 faxes

Wall Street Outlook
address unknown (we'll get it in discovery)
Sent me 2 faxes

Media Broadcast Solutions Inc. (publisher of Wall Street Examiner)
60 North Corbin Ave.
Bayshore, NY 11706
Sent me 2 faxes

Vacation Getaway Travel, Inc. aka Club Resort Intervals, LLC
Mr. Michael Munro, President
814 Elm Street, Suite 104
Manchester, NH 03101
603-669-1555 1-800-449-0162 (printed on fax)
see also http://www.concord.bbb.org/report.html?compid=3007917 which shows an additional address of:
57 North Stark Highway
Weare, NH 03281
more info on VGT here
Most recent info:

Stat Agent: Michael D. Munro
57 N. Stark Hwy
Weare, NH 03281

Vacation Getaway Travels Inc.
a DBA of Club Resorts Intervals, LLC..
Have not filed their 2002 report with the New Hampshire
SOS, nor have they paid their 2002 fee's to the
New Hampshire SOS as of this date. 12/31/2002.

South Bay Satellite & Wireless (authorized reseller for DirecTV)
4950 Hamilton Avenue STE 209
San Jose, CA 95130-1748
800-460-9997 (listed on fax)
408-871-7896 answers as "FrontLine Solutions" if human not there
408-370-9856 answers as South Bay Satellite and Wireless if human not there
Sent me 2 faxes. Claims to have been in business 10 years, but doing different things. <1 doing DirecTV. No listing in phone book, phone numbers not listed (reverse lookup fails). Says they have 25 trucks and are the 3rd largest DirecTV dealer in Northern California. Trucks have label "A FrontLine Solutions Company." Owners are TJ and Joanne who seem like nice people. They were probably duped by fax.com.

Bagoba Credit aka Tower Group
PO Box 226961
Dallas, TX 75222
towercredit@email.com and creditprogram@email.com
Sent me 4 faxes offering to fix my credit, the second set they changed their company name, their location, and raised the price $50. What a ripoff for a credit repair scheme that will cause you to be thrown in jail. They use 800 355 5676 to fax in your response. This belongs to Who's Calling, 5210 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033. They can be reached at 800 621 6871 but won't reveal the client information without a subpeona.

For more fax.com customer, see the 6 citations issued by the FCC which lists:

  • Advanced Cellular Communications, Inc., Long Beach/Los Alamitos
  • US Travel Services, Inc. (aka, Omega Marketing of Orlando; Discovery Marketing, Inc.; and, Consumer Magic Travel), Longwood/ Lake Mary/Oviedo/Maitland, Florida
  • Colorjet, Inc., Santa Ana and Redondo Beach, CA
  • Website University.com-Internship Program, Customer Focus Technologies, and/or NCJ Investment, Tampa, FL
  • www.TelProducts.com, aka Millennium, Newport Beach, CA
  • Platinum Travel Club and Teleconcepts Technologies, Inc., Altamonte Springs, FL

You can also look at the junkfaxes.com list for fax.com (they have 15 companies for fax.com alone)