Equal Access Health aka Health Benefits of America (HBA)

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Important: See also Family Health Care aka National Association of Preferred Providers. The faxes look very similar, but the companies are different so you have to dial the number and see who you get. Note that EAH says that they no longer send out junk faxes (since early 2005).

Attention: Business Owners & Individuals Health Care for the Entire Family!

Sample faxes which some people believe were sent by EAH (the numbers have been reassigned since these faxes were sent):

Order to refund customer's money, cease marketing

EAH responds:

taken out of context….he state of CA is being sued by our former provider because they are using a law that does not apply to DMPOs, most of their claims were a result of Care Entrée not us, EAH was not told to refund all customers, but to only refund those that have requested one which we do normally. We are actually one of a few companies that are still in the process of applying for a license there and have been allowed to keep doing business in CA



FCC citation:

Equal Access Health FCC citation for junk faxing

Phone Numbers:

  • 1-817-635-5000
  • 1-817- 701-1310
  • 1-877-233-0580 (sales line)

Interest numbers on faxes that some people believe to have been sent on behalf of EAH (EAH claims these are not theirs):

  • 1-888-856-7985
  • 1-800-692-4170
  • 1-866-370-0781
  • 800-240-3880
  • 800-692-4170
  • 800-807-9773
  • 800-827-1675
  • 866-370-0781
  • 888-856-7985

People Suing Them Now:


  • Chris Novinger aka Christopher A Novinger (President)
  • Brady Speers aka Brady Jack Speers aka J. Brady Speers (CEO)

Other People:

  • David May (fomer PR person): ext. 6305

Company Names:


  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF AMERICA (former name, trademark owned by ADP so they had to change)
  • EAH Health Services, LLC (was never used and dissolved)
  • Novinger, Binkley, Speers, Leyva and Associates, Inc. (this name was used in 2003 before EAH)

Related Companies

  • Care Entree and Precis, Inc. (EAH used to resell their services; EAH has filed a lawsuit against them but it was settled)

Interest numbers on faxes


  • EQUAL ACCESS HEALTH, 600 SIX FLAGS DR STE 642, ARLINGTON TX 76011-6332 (817) 701-1310
  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF AMERICA, 600 SIX FLAGS DR STE 642, ARLINGTON TX 76011-6332 (817) 635-5000
  • Also 600 SIX FLAGS DR STE 624 (used on FCC citation and verified by process server)

Previous Companies Associated With the Principals:

  • Novinger: Bagoba Promotions (did the "repair your credit" fax that got me started in all this), DMGI, Inc, Tallclocks.com (reportedly shipped over 5,000 clocks but at the end, due to a a supplier default, many consumers received nothing; see ripoffreport.com)
  • Speers: Navada Promotions, Tallclocks.com, DMGI Promotions, Club J (teen club in 1991)