ELS aka EloanSites aka Ellipsis, Inc

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Ellipsis, Inc.

Resident Agent

Business Address

Known Removes
(800) 311-2984

See (the Loan Program link) for a list of 98 companies using Eloansites.com to send out faxes through fax.com. 2K to 5K faxes per day were sent for each customer.

Received 10-1-05

ELS aka EloanSites aka Ellipsis, Inc

It's now called "Aqua" in Irvine, California, Their phone # is 800-218-7571

I worked for these scammers. They promise lots, and deliver nothing...but have no problem driving their Ferrari's and Hummers to work from your money!

Received 2-5-04

Mark Nichols (eloansite.com) was an associate of Kevin Katz (fax.com). Nichols place of business may be his home:


Mark Eric Nichols, SSI# 380-88-xxxx Current Home address 9 Alisomar Rd., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-1021- Possible owner Mark's attorney is Donald Rump, (248) 332-6483, 29 Marlborough Dr, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Received 9-11-03

I received one of the RCarter charity faxes, and set it aside for later litigation. Today, I received another RCarter fax, the "REFINANCE NOW!" fax, but this one had a web site. Unlike the first fax w/just phone nos. (which require a subpoena to ID the owner), I was able to track down the defendant using Inter-NIC. Long-Story short: www.rcarter.com is registered to Eloansite.Com in Aleso Viejo, CA (in Orange County, CA).

Their registrar is Register.com, if you want to see full info.

"Eloansite.Com" is a fictitious name registered w/Orange County, CA. It's registered to Ellipsis, Inc. The registered agent is Mark E. Nichols, 65 Enterprise, Ste. 220, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. This address is the same as Eloansite's. All of this info. was available on-line. You can add this to the saga of the "65 Enterprise" entities, already detailed on your site. Thanks. Note: I reported the web site's inappropriate connection to the illegal faxes to the ISP.

They have been sending these "Register to Win 1000.00" faxes since March 21, 2002 when Biggerstaff first reported it to the junkfax mailing list. Here's another posting 2 months later.

From the JunkFAX-L list:

This evening, after I got home, I had a fax awaiting me. I don't get many junk faxes at home, but when I do, it p*sses me off considerably, and I think I'd like to pursue this one to court. :)
The ID line lists the faxer as ELS, fax # 888-405-5537. The remove number is given as (800) 405-5537. The fax requests that you fax back the signed fax with your fax number to (877) 374-5134. I wonder if this might be what we call a "list washing" in the anti-spam world...?
The fax itself has a nice big title that reads, "Register to Win $1000.00!" To the left are a number of symbols and slogans that look somewhat like those used by major charities, but none of them are actually registered trademarks, as far as I can tell. (The closest is a logo/slogan reading, "Great American SMOKEOUT,", but the American Cancer Society's logo is conspicuously missing.)

The (877) 374-5134 is registered:

Who's Calling Inc. (they just own the 877 number on behalf of their client)

Client is:
ALISO VIEJO CA 92656-2601
contact at eloan sites: Mark Nichols / Bill King
URL: Eloansites.com

Yet ANOTHER "iffy" business at 65 Enterprise. That's home of Mavcomm (www.mavcomm.com) /IDC Solutions/Infinity Communications/Whatever else they call themselves of prerecorded message fame.

Called Eloansites and asked for Mark Nichols and got into his voicemail. Same thing happened when I asked for for Bill King.

Phone: (888) 745-0505
Fax: (949) 330-7501
email: sales@eloansites.com

Here's the latest scoop on IDC Solutions:

Infinity Communications, Inc.
Answers as "IDC Solutions"
William A. King (goes by "Bill King") bking@idcsolutions.net
IDC Solutions
IDC Solutions
26895 Aliso Creek Road
Suite B-473
Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656


IDC Solutions Inc.
IDC Solutions LLC.
a/k/a Satellite Sales
26800 Laguna Hills Drive, Ste 100
Aliso Viejo, California 92656-2625

http://www.idcsolutions.net/ aka
infinity communications aka
Satellite TV 4 Less aka Mavcomm
5th largest dealer

Other phone numbers include:


IDC Solutions

c/o Tom H. Martindale, II
26800 Laguna Hills Drive
Suite 100
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

From Rodney:

It seems that now that fax.com is in trouble, eloansites is running its own faxes.

Got a fax this afternoon from a blocked number (*57 worked so I have the trace available). The ad advertises loans, and the header did something I have never seen before - identifies itself as eloanshopping_scottsdale with a number of 888-405-5537 which is also the remove number. The fax blares out www.eloanshopping.com which is registered to eloansite.com. Order number is 888-248-4023.

Is anyone going after eloansite directly? With the mortgage company operator I won against earlier this year, she showed us her contract which was with eloansites.com, and not fax.com. However she had a fax.com faxcaster.

Subject: Re: [JunkFAX-L] rec'd an unusual fax
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:28:22 -0600
From: Steven Appelget
To: Ann Caldwell

Ann Caldwell wrote:
> I just received a fax with header information indicating it was sent by
> Premier Mortgage Services, Inc. from 888-405-5537. The fax says "register
> to win $1,000" all you have to do is sign the fax and put your fax number
> and fax it back! It says one of the aims of this fax program is to assist
> non-profit and public service organizations, and it has various causes
> highlighted on the side -- like "don't drink and drive" , "emergency" "stop
> child abuse", etc. It says that to assist these unspecified organizations,
> they need to do a limited number of commercial paid advertisements, and they
> want you to consent by signing below. They guarantee -- no more than two
> single page ads a month, unless they are used directly by one of the
> non-profits. It then says if you don't want to help aid the non-profits,
> call 800-405-5537 to remove your fax number. Oh, and at the bottom, where
> the remove info usually is, it says "this contest is subject to the rules
> and regulations dated 10/08/01, available on request. Contradictions or
> interpretations will be settled by the appointed judges in their sole
> discretion." There is no number to call to get the "rules" and when you
> call the only numbers on the fax, it is just an automated line to remove/add
> your fax number. This smacks of FDC or someone similar. It is clearly
> aimed to dupe people into giving express permission by getting their
> signatures in writing. Has anyone else gotten this fax? Anyone have any
> ideas/info. Thanks,

That is an eloansites customer. In about three weeks you will get a straight up advertisement from Premier Mortgage Services, Inc.

eloansites sells (finance leases, actually) these guys an autodialer, a website, and a list of fax numbers. They charge $21,000.00 for this junk. The websites all look the same.

Conveniently, the websites (which are given on the faxes) PRECISELY identify the schlubs sending the faxes.

Every one has either settled or defaulted.

See scans of eloansites faxes and contracts at: www.seebs.net/els