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Response # on junfax purporting to be from TRUFunding.net. Lists: 800-950-2268.

But that is the phone number for TruFunding.com: Tru Funding Online Contact Us

They claim that Dana Capital funds their mortgages.

But the website for equityTrustMorgage.net is the identical, except for the contact information: (800) 464-4933 and address which they claim is : 3750 Gunn Hwy 3-D Tampa, FL 33624

They claim that Dana Capital funds their mortgages.

But the website for equityTrustMorgage.net is the identical, except for the contact information: (800) 464-4933 and address which they claim is : 3750 Gunn Hwy 3-D Tampa, FL 33624

Dana Capital Group, Inc.
website: Dana Capital
8001 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 1200
Irvine, CA 92618
(800) 588-5535

They have over 1,00 employees. Dana H. Smith is the founder and President.

Old website: www.Danacapitalinc.org claiming they are located in Sarsota, FL with a contact info of robert paduano @ yahoo.com.


  • Quentin Carunan, Executive VP x202
  • Dana Smith aka Dana H Smith, owner, President, CEO x207

They have a very nice suite on the 12th floor and employ lots of people

What's not well known is that their websites are associated with Ellipsis, https://web.archive.org/web/20040923233729/http://eloansites.com:80/, 65 Enterprise #220 in Aliso Viejo, etc.

These names appear to be all related: TRU Funding aka TRUFunding.net aka ABC loan finder aka OC Financial aka EBN Financial aka Esteem Escrow aka OCM Inc., dba Helpufinance.com

Some sources say they use Leads to results to send faxes. That would make sense since Leads to Results, Inc. is at 7700 Irvine Center Drive Ste 220 which is just a few blocks away. Probably not coincidence. Keith Hyatt and Sean R Roberts are the president and CEO (they both claim to be president). new number: 1-877-587-3785; old: (949) 387-2634.

But Keith Hyatt left Leads to Results and started Infasource, Inc. 2171 CAMPUS DR STE 250, IRVINE CA 92612-1430. Some evidence that they are the leads supplier.

Lots of postings on Junkfax-L about them. They are a mortgage lender, licensed in most/all states. They have 1400 mortgage brokers in various areas who generally operate under their own name in their local area. "Joe's Mortgage". Whatever. They operate under Dana Capital's license. They pitch the loans in their area, Dana makes the loans. They generate leads for their brokers.


  • [www.prweb.com/releases/prweb192051.htm Mortgage Banker Dana Capital Group Named in Junk Fax Lawsuit]
  • Contact John Donboli, Del Mar Law Group, (858) 793-6244

On May 27, 2006 we received an email which contained information relating to the following entities:

  • Dana Capital in Sarasota
  • Gibraltar Funding Corp, 5011 Ocean Blvd Suite 305, Sarasota, Florida 34242. 941-349-2400
  • TRU Funding
  • Lotus Financial
  • Zuzana Paduano
  • Eric Christopherson
  • Robert Paduano
  • Granville Duke Budlong
  • CORE Funding
  • Pacific West in California
  • Jack Miller

In December 2007, my attorney received emails from attorney Laurie Hammerbacher of allegrofundingcorp.com who stated she represents Zuzana Paduano, Eric Christopherson, and Robert Paduano stating the following:

  • My clients still stand by the fact that they were never aware nor participated in any Junk Faxing.
  • Gibralter Funding Corp was not owned by my clients during the time of the acts.
  • Eric was the president [of Gibraltar Funding] in 2004, BUT NOT THE OWNER. He did not partake in any such conversation as stated in the posting. The business was bought in 2004 and all allegations were commenced after the purchase.
  • Budlong was the ONLY individual that worked with Dana Capital, he did this through the Gibraltar company. The association was establish for licensing purposes only.
  • Gibraltar-all individuals were at one time associated with Gibraltar. The last tie was dissipated in early 2006 when Eric filled his resignation letter with the state of Nevada.
  • Tru Funding-My clients claim that they have NO association in the past or currently with this company.
  • IBB-My clients owned and managed this company before establishing Allegro, however, no association with Dana Capital has ever occurred.
  • Allegro- NO previous or current associations with Dana Capital

On April 28, 2007 I received this email:

As of May 16, 2005 Gibraltar Funding was sold to Rev. Tony Miller of the Interfaith Organization in Hempstead, NY. On July 3, 2005 Gibraltar Funding was moved from Sarasota, Fl to :Hempstead, NY. As of the move date GFC is no longer involved in the broadcast fax business and has changed its business model completely. We are not associated with Dana Capital :in any way and will not resume this type of marketing in the future. We would appreciate an update to your site since we no longer participate in these activities or with the :people responsible for these actions. You may contact us at 516-292-2010 for further information or visit our website www.gibraltarfunding.ws.
Thank You
Troy Price
Gibraltar Funding Corp
175 Fulton Ave.
Suite 305
Hempstead, NY 11550

Here is a link to a web page on Dana Capital which also talks about the Pacific West Mortgage link and Jack Miller.