Bridge Capital Corporation

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Bridge Capital Corporation

Uses generic "Mortgage Services" on the faxes.


Got cited by the FCC on Dec 17, 2004:DA-04-3904A1.pdf
Bridge Capital Corp.
Attn: Mike Ahmari
25391 Commercentre Drive
Suite # 100
Lake Forest, California 92630

RE: EB-04-TC-159

Used 800-418-5687, 800-520-5789

Worsham wrote: Calls to 800-561-8329 or 800-561-8375 answer as consumerlink (can't find a web site), and they transfer to Bridge Capital, whose agent gave a number of 888-469-7826. I am filing against Bridge Capital, and would appreciate hearing of any person's recent experience. I am aware of the Val Stiefel letter saying they don't fax and only buy leads. I also have their CA agent (CT Corporation in LA). Thanks.

Using Investigation tools, we find the Resp Org is VCOM Solutions.

Subpoena to Vcom gives:
Linkpoint Marketing
7071 Warner Avenue
Suite 122
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Fax 949-580-2361

But that address is a Mail Boxes Etc. store:
The UPS Store # 0015
USA Phone: (714)848-4375

And Linkpoint Marketing doesn't exist in a corporation search at California Secretary of State - California Business Search.

The phone number, however, belong to Charles Martin at Data Research Systems (, so our search ends there.

When we call the response number, the call is answered by "Consumer Source." That company doesn't exist either, but it's a known pseudonym for So it confirms the Data Research Systems number which pointed to the same thing.

Calling the number and pretending to be interested, here's what happens:

Olga Daniels at 800-418-5687 answers as Consumer Source and hot transferred to Eric at Bridge Capital 866-456-3863x311 in Mission Viejo:

Website says:
Bridge Capital Corporation
25391 Commercentre Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630
800.250.5626 (current as of 7/20/04)

Here is the DRE lookup on Bridge Capital

Here's the Calif Sec State lookup on Bridge Capital which says the Agent for Service of Process is VAL C. STIEFEL and they've been around since 1998.

Next, a search on FCC site reveals this citation: DOC-233048A1.pdf (text version DOC-233048A1).

So they've been at it (using to send the faxes) since well before April 8, 2003 and since they are still doing it, it's very easy to get treble damages.

When you call Val, you find he's the in-house counsel. Carlos Martinez wrote:

If we are talking about the same people, Val, their in-house counsel, had Lloyd Rucker (now of "LoanAdvisors") contact me and say that he doesn't work for Bridge Capital anymore and :that he was responsible for all faxes.

More about Bridge Capital is available on a hidden page if you need it.

Val claims that because their company has a "Policy" that prohibits such illegal behavior, they can't be held liable for willful/knowing. But that stupid. That is like a company that has a "policy" that prohibits sexual harassment and it is merely winked at and ignored..... doesn't do them a damn bit of good in court. If they are taking the calls, they are liable. And the fact that they have a policy PROVES that they knew about the TCPA.


Note: Bridge Capital USVI, LLC which also does mortgages (but not home mortgages) is currently considering to relocate to CNMI, island of Saipan, which is a US Terroritory. See This company has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bridge Capital in California.