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See My Hot Leads for their latest incarnation of the company.

Famous fax broadcaster that people thought went out of business in 2002, but that is still sending out junk faxes in 2005 despite court rulings:


  • Mike Horne aka Michael G Horne aka Michael Gregory Horne
  • Greg Horne

Addresses used:

  • 5921 King William Dr, Plano TX 75093
  • 1400 Preston Rd STE 300, Plano TX 75093
  • 17304 Preston Rd STE 800 Plano TX 75252 (Preston #2 below)
  • 800 Brazos St STE 1100, Austin, TX 78701
  • 13612 Midway Rd STE 246, Dallas TX

Associated people

  • Larry Krouse, lead salesman, 877-301-7644 (he's in sales). See My Hot Leads

Company names used:

  • American Blast Fax (King William Dr, Preston Rd)
  • CMG Marketing LLC (Preston Rd, Brazos St)
  • Cammas Group LLC (Preston Rd, King William Dr); this is the "leasing company" they set up to own the equipment so when a judgment was rendered against ABF, the equipment would be owned by this other company so it wouldn't be subject to the judgment
  • RMG Communications LLC (Preston Rd)
  • Dallas Doorhanger (King William Dr, Preston #2)
  • American Life Quotes, LLC (Preston#2)
  • The Fax Guide, Inc (Midway Rd)
  • American Quick Quote LLC (Preston #2)
  • Sunbelt Communications and Marketing LLC (see [ Corporation Details - Secretary of State, Nevada] where Lara Horne Albrecht is the officer)
  • Sunbelt Marketing

More information on ABF/Sunbelt:


  • They basically default if you try to sue them
  • Collecting large judgments against them has proven to be challenging; experienced plaintiffs suggest going after their customers
  • Deposition of Krouse is on

Krouse (and friends) are now doing junk faxing as: My Hot Leads