America Find, Inc. aka America e-find

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Response number on faxes: 1-888-256-2155

America E-Find
Attn: Michael Jay
215 Parkdale, No. 1508
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y4T8

Big time junk faxer that solicits you to hire them for investigative work (asset searches, etc). Hmmm...maybe you can hire them to find out who they are?

11/4/05: I've recently tracked down a fax allegedly from "America e-Find" to the well-known spammer Michael Jay who used to run his America Find, Inc. operation--which claimed to be (and might actually be) a private investigations company--out of Texas. The 800 number on the WHOIS information for Jay's website (now defunct) leads to the same telephone as the 800 number on the fax, and both the WHOIS information on the website and the RESP ORG for the remove number are in Ottawa. He might be using their service. The respond number leads (of course) to an answering service: "WS Domains" in California.

4/26/06: This guy is by far the most prolific junk faxer I have ever seen, but is VERY difficult to find. His interest numbers are 888-256-2155 and 800-535-6672. They are Canadian.

5/17/06: From a reader

Dear Sir or Madam:
I was viewing your site in response to several junk faxes that we have received. Your site has been most helpful. Lately, we've received ones from America e-Find, noted on your site as run by a "prolific" junk faxer names Michael Jay. The response number is 888-256-2155 with a removal number of 877-293-1624.
While doing some research on this person, I googled several items contained in your briefing about American e-Find including "ws domains" and "Michael Jay". I found an email on the site for Michael Jay: His telephone and fax numbers are 713-695-3774 and 713-695-37___, respectively.
When I googled this phone number I did find it listed for American Find, Inc., 33 Lyerly St., Ste B7, Houston, Tx 77022
( .
I then googled the address and came up with a web site listing for American Find, Inc., at This lists the same address as above, and an email contact of (notice the "afci" part which is the same as Michael Jay's email above). As you noted, the America site is no longer active, but the nv one through switchboard is.
This address and phone number also match two other companies: Abi Petroleum, Inc. and Alpha Biotech International.
While searching in the Texas "window on State government site" which allows business name lookups, America Find, Inc., Alpha Biotech International, Inc., and Abi Peroleum, Inc., are all registered businesses in Texas. The are all not in good standing and they all have a "Roland G. Doucette" as their registered agent.
America Find lists a PO Box 16676 in Houston as its business address. The other two list 3733 Westheimer Rd., Ste 209, Houston TX 77027-5226 as theirs. Mr. Doucette also lists the 3733 Westheimer address for Abi and Alpha as well as 411 Fannin,. Ste 301, Houston for the registered agent address for America Find. No officer or director information is on file.
I don't know if any of this information will help others to track down the culprit of this email and stop it. I know that we've received dozens of the same emails during the last few weeks which caused my original query to your site.
If you have any suggestions or questions about this, you can email me.
Merrimack, NH

see America for lots of messages about them.