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21st Century Faxes Ltd

I've also received three unsolicited faxes from 21st Century faxes in the past 4 months (one is dated 8/23/01 and the others are not dated). They are also quite notorious. The FCC cited them and fined them over $1M a year ago and it made no difference. They are still doing their scam where they ask a polling question and ask you to fax back your answer to a 900 number:


They promptly trash your fax because they just care about the $6.00 per fax that they collect when you dial their 900 number. They've blatantly ignored the FCC:

FCC citation of 21st Century Faxes

FCC gave notice of $1M liability to 21st Century Faxes
This put 21st Century on notice and allowed them to respond.

FCC has determined the $1M forfeiture
this notice followed Ritchie's presentation of evidence and basically is now a final determination. Ritchie must pay.

21st Century even got this press release from the FCC on the $1.1M fine that the FCC imposed on them. Of course, it didn't make much of a difference to them. They continue to operate today as if nothing has happened.

The State of Oregon got their assets frozen in the US. Ritchie then (finally) got local counsel. They negotiated an agreement and 21st Century is not faxing Oregon anymore so the asset freeze was lifted. See Attorney General Obtains Judgment Against 21st Century Faxes of England

Ritchie was featured in an article about 21st Century Faxes in the Boston Globe recently.

The most recent address for 21st Century Faxes is:

Gordon Ritchie
21st Century Fax(es) Limited
20 Bourne Court, Southend Road,
Woodford Green,
Essex IG8 8HD.

As a result of the state of Oregon suit, Ritchie's attorney most recently was:

Albert Kramer
works a Washington DC law office on M Street.

They list a current address now on their faxes of:

21st Century Faxes Ltd
331 W. 57th St, PMB 504
New York, NY 10019
fax opt/out removal numbers: 1-212-465-8226 or 1-800-606-5720 (which the FCC determined is owned by ICN Corporation)

They need that since they give you the option of mailing back your surveys. There are lots of other fictitious addresses for them (as noted in the FCC documents above). We know that they weren't in the UK at the address they formally used on Regent Street, no one there ever heard of them, not even the postal service. And it would be interesting to see if they even pay the forfeiture.

21st Century Fax(es) Ltd.
British Fax Directory
ICN Corporation
Jonathan C. Goodman
Nicholas J. Kendrick
Gordon Ritchie
Alexander Katsev

Gordon Ritchie was quoted in a May 5, 1999 story in the Washington Post, "Survey After Colo. Shootings Requested Faxed Replies Costing $2.95 a Minute." Excerpts:

Reached by phone in London, Gordon Ritchie, director of 21st Century Fax, said the gun-control poll involved nothing illegal or improper. The FCC's rules on unsolicited faxes "only apply to faxes from the U.S.," Ritchie said.
"We're covered by European laws," he said. "In the U.S. you can have guns but not faxes. Here, we can't have guns, but we can have faxes."
Ritchie said his company was sending the survey "to every American fax number we've got, and we've got 3 million numbers."
For each reply faxed to the 900 number, 21st Century Fax will make about $1.50 to $1.75 per minute in revenue, Ritchie said. He also noted that replies can also be sent to a Manhattan mail drop; the address is in fine print at the bottom of the survey, about half the size of the 900 number prominently displayed in the middle of the fax.
He said he expected a response rate of about 6 percent -- which would result in revenue of more than $250,000 for his company.
Ritchie said the gun-control survey was the first American poll for 21st Century Fax, which sends about 8 million faxes a month to machines in Britain and Germany. Last year, the fax services provided almost $6 million in revenue and $1.2 million in profit, he said.
Earlier this year, British regulators obtained a temporary injunction against Ritchie and other officers of a sister company, 20th Century Fax Ltd. charging it with sending deceptive and misleading information in its faxes advising people to lose weight through the "Yummy Yum Yum Diet."

Ritchie didn't find a loophole. The FCC has determined it doesn't matter if he made the calls from the UK when they fined him $1.1M.

Also, did a search on Gordon Ritchie, the name referenced in the news article in yahoo.com. Came up with an article indicating that he'd been spanked by the British court system twice before for fraudulent activity.

Per MeekLaw@worldnet.att.net, Paul Williams of the British Consulate General in Houston, TX is handling this matter for their government. His address is 1000 Louisiana, Suite 1900; Houston, TX 77002. Phone 713 659-6275. Or forward him your 21st or 20th Century fax's at fax number 713 659-7094

This FCC citation gives details on the names and aliases used (see the footnotes) including:

The 900 numbers in question include: 900-773-7500; 900-454-9300; 900-737-8888; 900-407-7477; 900-896-5500; 900-773-6777; 900-773-6900; 900-370-3200; 900-680-3200; 900-370-8400; 900-370-9400; 900-884-8200; 900-884-9200; 900-486-1900; 900-484-3400; 900-448-4848; 900-484-1900; 900-255-4900; 900-287-3900; 900-484-4848; 900-378-3900; and 900-336-4900.
The Telecommunications Consumers Division has been advised that the information service providers for thirteen of the 900 numbers referenced in the unsolicited facsimile advertisements are 21st Century Fax(es) Ltd. a.k.a. 20th Century Fax(es) Ltd. a.k.a. British Fax Directory, a.k.a. British Fax Service, 1204 Third Avenue, Suite 108, New York, New York 10021 and British Fax Directory a.k.a. British Fax Service, Gun Court, 70 Wrapping Lane, London England E1 9RL. The Telecommunications Consumers Division has been advised that the information service provider for the remaining nine 900 numbers is British Fax Service, Gun Court, 70 Wrapping Lane, London England E1 9RL.
12 The Telecommunications Consumers Division has obtained information that Mr. Goodman is the subscriber for 646-602-0372, an opt-out number that appears on numerous advertisements.
13 The Telecommunications Consumers Division has obtained information that ICN Corporation is the subscriber for 1-800-606-5720, an opt-out number that appears on numerous advertisements. The Telecommunications Consumers Division has been further advised that ICN is listed as the customer of the 800 number account in the underlying carrier's business customer database.

Professor Horace David Ritchie is Gordon's father. You can see Gordon's website here: http://www.bibledecoded.com

http://www.centergate.com/rjoffe.html has brought suits against them. John Levine (johnl@iecc.com) has also had some run ins with them