"There is fax.com, holding our phone hostage."

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Anaheim, CA: Family Gets 10 Fax Calls a Day on Regular Phone Line

Email received on Aug. 27, 2002

Dear Mr. Steve Kirsch:

As I read the article in The Orange County Register, "Fax.com Hit with $2.2 Trillion Lawsuits", Business 1, 8-23-02, I almost cried.... for us nobodies, this housewife, I am proud that you are trying to help get rid of Fax.com and other illegal businesses that steal money and time from families on strict budgets.

I tried everything to get rid of them and failed. So, I had to disconnect our telephone line connected to our fax (that in itself has been hell). Now, of course, we get probably 10 phone calls a day on our regular phone line trying to find a fax machine.

You may not know the frustration of sitting by the phone waiting for a call from a medical doctor only to have the line tied up by Fax.com. God forbid that we need to call police or another emergency number, as there is Fax.com holding our telephone hostage.


Mrs. Roberta Webb and family, Southern California