"The faxes came in groups of five. At all hours of the day and night."

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No Fax Machine, Just Endless Faxes

Email received on Aug. 26, 2002

Dear Mr. Kirsch:

I read today about your lawsuit against fax.com and am writing to thank you because I have been a victim of junk faxes myself, but not in the ordinary sense.

When I moved into my new apartment in March, I was given a new phone number by Pacific Bell. Shortly afterwards, I began receiving calls from a fax machine.

These calls would generally come in groups of 5. In other words, I would answer, hear the fax beeping, hang up and then I would get 4 more attempts from the machine after that in the next minute or so.

The calls came at all hours of the day and night. I contacted Pacific Bell and they told me I could either pay for a monthly service to block the particular caller, change my number, or they could investigate who was calling and write to them to stop.

I chose the last alternative not wanting to pay for another service or change my number which had been already given out to friends and family. Pacific Bell did identify who the party was and wrote to them to stop faxing my residential phone line.

Nonetheless, the calls continued. I was forced to unplug my phone before going to bed to assure an uninterrupted night's sleep. Again, I contacted Pacific Bell. They indicated that they could not release the identity of the company faxing me. They told me, however, that I could file a complaint with the police and that, once I got a report number, they would then release the identification of the party calling me to the police.

I did that. Nonetheless, the calls continue. At this point, I have exhausted my ability to pursue it any further and am only left with the choice of changing my phone number or paying for a monthly call-blocking service.

I am convinced that the company faxing me must be a junk fax company because any other sender would have realized, after all this time, that their fax is not going through to the intended recipient.

After reading about your lawsuit, I wanted to thank you very much for taking on this harassing practice by junk fax companies. Good luck with all your efforts.

Laura McKinney