"Let them find out whether the lawsuit is absurd -- or they are."

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Businessman Must Tell Customers: "Call me before faxing."

Email received on Aug. 22, 2002

To whom it may concern:

I am so glad that I saw the news about the class action suit against junk fax issuers and am so happy that I finally found an organization like yours to fight back. I am a victim of junk faxes. We should force them to pay big penalties for what they did. I would have absolutely no sympathy for them.

For months, I keep receiving junk faxes. No matter how many times I called their 800 number to have my fax number removed from their database, the faxes kept coming. I believe they only set up an 800 with proper recorded message as their way out. They never really removed any call-in numbers. They simply don't care. Because of these junk faxes, I have had to change my fax number.

It did not help. I reported to the police department but did not get much help either because I could not identify them. And when I called back I could only talk to a recorder. Finally I tried to call the advertisers directly. Some were polite but some were very rude. They did not care either.

As a result, even as of today, I have to disconnect my fax machine and ask anyone who wants to send me fax to call me first. And if I am not home, I have to wait until I come home to connect the machine and call back for fax. If I cannot connect and call back during office hours, my receipt of the fax gets delayed. It is so inconvenient. It dramatically reduces productivity of the society.

Knowing that Fax.com made a statement saying the lawsuit was "unfounded and absurd" makes me extremely mad. I still have many copies of these junk faxes. I marked the time I called back to remove my number and saved junk faxes that kept coming from the same numbers.

Please let me know how I can join the class action suit. I really want to fight back. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Let them find out whether the lawsuit is absurd or they are.

An angry junk fax victim,

Jaff Lin E-mail: Jaff@maton.com

P.S. My computer also got invaded by unsolicited online gambling software. It simply opens many windows from various online gambling companies on my computer. This is even more damaging than junk faxes. It crippled my work. It took me quite sometime to figure out a way to set up my computer to block these windows. But I am sure many are still suffering. Do you know any organization I can join to fight back? Please advise if you know. Thank you very much.