"I receive several junk faxes each day ... last Spring I was able to track down a junk faxer."

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Businessman frustrated by multiple faxes tracked down a local junk faxer and, after requests to the faxer to desist, filed a small claims suit and easily collected.

Email received Dec. 15, 2003

I want to thank your site for the excellent help it offers persons who are victimized by junk faxes. I receive several junk faxes every day. Calling the 800 numbers on these faxes does absolutely no good. The faxes continue on and on.

Last spring, I was able to track down a junk faxer. Luckily, this company was located right in my own county just a few miles away. The company was:

HomeBanc Money Source, Inc
12598 Central Avenue
Suite 108
Chino, California, 91710
909 464 8435

I sent this company both a certified and regular mail letter telling them to stop sending me faxes. Of course, they continued.

On September 5, 2003, I filed a small claims action in San Bernardino County Superior Court against HomeBanc Money Source, Inc for violations of the TCPA. The case (Case # SWV41160) was tried on October 28, 2003. I was awarded $2,000 by the judge. I had asked for triple damages for all the faxes sent, but I was happy to walk away with $2000.00 for a few hours of my time in court.

The judge did not write a decision in the case. There was merely an award. In my case, the facts were undeniable and I had all of the evidence.

HomeBanc Money Source filed to appeal the decision. Then, on December 11, 2003, I received a check for $2052.00 from the company with a notice that the appeal was dropped.

No attorneys were involved. I followed the advice at junkfax.org and made my case before the judge. The faxer said that he did not receive my certified letter to him. That was his only defense. I am but one victim of these illegal faxers. I stood up to fight them and I won. You can too. It's pretty easy if you follow the instructions on http://www.junkfax.org